We The People have a long and strong history in New Zealand. It was one of the first more high-end orientated bmx brands available. Not only does We The People produce some amazing parts, they have always had a strong focus on producing complete bikes of the highest standards and quality. For many years We The People has been known to be the best complete bikes available in New Zealand.

With the We The People having a long history in New Zealand they have also been very supportive of the scene, backing some of the best riders in the country like Dave Manconi and the Bolters.

Over the last few years We The People has gone through a few changes here in New Zealand and are now being distributed throughout the country by WH Worralls. While this name may not been known amongst riders, Worralls is one of the oldest rider / family owned cycle distributors in the country.

It’s great news to see one of the best brands in BMX been looked after in NZ by one of the best companies in the industry. We The People will continue to have a strong presence in New Zealand and will once again be easily available through all good bike stores across the country including all the brands under the WTP family… Eclat, Salt, Fuse etc.

I’m also really looking forward to seeing who will be joining the We The People BMX team for New Zealand.

With change with We The People, I went out to visit WH Worrals a few weeks ago to find out about the future of the brand and to have a look around their warehouse. I had my camera on hand so I snapped of a few photos from around the warehouse… walking around the warehouse taking photos you can get a feel for the history of the company and their roots in BMX.

For now have a look through some of the photos… we will be back shortly with more information about We The People here in NZ.

A few iconic Auckland Skate Parks post on the warehouse walls.

A few BMX posters can be found around the warehouse.. is that Jamie Bestwick riding dirt?

Interesting things can be found in all areas of the warehouse.

The workshop.. everything you need to get the job done.

Casual ride for doing beer runs.

Some of you maybe be familiar with this guy, Brian’s a well known character around the Auckland Bike Scene.

A few interesting bikes can be found in the dark corners of the warehouse.

Lots of product. Looking forward to seeing WTP and Eclat fill some of these shelves.

Old school Terrible One poster is rad!