It’s time for another Top Fives, this time with the legend of the hop’s, Paul Beadle. Check it out here:

Top Five New Zealand riders who inspire you on your BMX:

Paul Moffat
Dave Struthers
Mike Davies
Tim White
Simon Palmer

Top Five International riders who inspire you on your BMX:
Jerome Beeler Van Orman
Matt Sivalelli
Jason Teet
Dustin Guenther
Mick Bayzand

Top Five Tricks you would love to learn:
One Foot Flaties
T bog
Nose manuals
Hang Fives

Top Five Favourite things you’ve done on your bike:
Rode the wallrides out at the Hunua dams, Auckland.
Shredded the seawall to Blaze Point.
Floating the hips at Hasting Skatepark, Vancouver.
Wedge to hop over a telephone box on Ponsonby Road.
Rode over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Top Five tricks you think are lame:
Double tricks of any kind
Yep that’s it

Top Five favourite BMX vids:
Shake your Snake
It’s About Time
Anthem II
Animal Can I Eat
Dead Bang

Top Five Worst wrecks you’ve had (doesn’t have to be just bmx wrecks):
Dislocated my Elbow trying an extreme Japan air on my fruit boots.
Dislocated shoulder snow boarding.
Broke the ol Colar bone, over rotated 3.
Broken ankle, riding sandy bowls.
Broken Foot… impressing girls.

Top Five Best roadtrips you’ve been on and 1 short reason for each. (doesn’t have to be just bmx trips):
Have always had super fun trips to Ohakune, Snow Boarding and Partying.
Road trip to Pinticten BC. Hanging with good friends, floating the tubes down the river drinking a cold one.
All the trips down to X Air, especially when they where in Hamilton. Staying in BJs budget hotel is always a treat.
Road trip to Wellington with Moffat, Getting loose in the Corolla
Trips up to Tutakaka, Bay of Islands. Boating, Fishing, and hanging out at Snapper rock drinking whisky’s all night.

Questionable Questions

Top Five Worst habits:
Sleeping in
Digging for gold

Top Five Most embarrassing moments (briefly):
Local Legion old gurl Har Paul sticking her tounge down my throat. Got a bit of a fright.
Letting the Jim Beams lead me into some massive Boobies in California… Moffat having to save the day. Not really that embarrassed though, still stoked… Moffat you should have let it happen.
Skinny Dipping on a party bus trip and being the last one back on the bus with the gears been thieved.
Eating shit hard on the B ma on Ponsonby Road, after having a safety meeting with the Wazzman… Pull up for the curbs boys.
Dancing at the Cock N Bull Botany Downs.

Top Five Songs that you are embarrassed that you like:

Got nothing on this. Love all music.

Top Five favourite alcoholic beverages:
8% Wood Stocks
Kronenburg (only on the Tap)
Coppers Pale ale
Jamenson Whiskey
Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Top Five favorite drinking holes:
Brick House
Racket Bar
Swash Bucklers
Snapper Rock

Top Five people you would love to see naked:
Kane’s mom
Scarlett Johansson
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Alba
Cameron Diaz

Top Five people you regret seeing naked (be a sport and throw a few girls names in there):
Dean Dinnage in all his Glory.
The fat a gram stripper at Matthew Dukes 21st.One certain stripper at the ping pong show in Phuket, Thailand
Antony Smith
Old leather babes at Wreck Beach, Vancouver

Thanks Beadle.. and Paul Moffat for the Q’s!