We caught up with owner of T.Whites Bikes Tim White to check out his latest Old School S&M Holmes build. Enjoy!

Alright Tim White, so this bike is somewhat a replica of what you use to shred in the 90’s, what made you decide to build this bike?
Well, it’s my full time job restoring bicycles, so it was a no brainer when I found the frame and fork on Trade Me to build up something as close as possible to the style of the time.

Going back almost 20years, at the time why did you choose to build a S&M Holmes?
Back them 1-1/8 A-Head had just come into the mainstream and was just starting to be offered on BMX, the choices for a dirt/street frame was StandardSTA, Hoffman Taj, GT Fueler and S&M Holmes or Dirt Bike. My first choice was a USA made Taj, but was sold out so I opted for the Holmes. My mum bought it back from the US after visiting my grand parents in ’94.

How close is this bike to the bike you rode in the 90’s.
It’s not super close but there are a few parts that are an exact match! The frames a bit earlier than mine, I had the model with a-head and welded on 990’s. The thing I like about this build is when I had a real heap of a bike, this is the set up I drooled over in magazines.

Back in the day when you where riding your original S&M Holmes what would have been one or two of your favourite memories on that bike?
So many memories! I think as a young guy going to races with the Patch crew and hanging with the Burkes guys causing havoc was one hell of a good time


Is there any part on this build you like the most or that holds a special memory?
Almost every part has a special memory and I think that’s the fun of building up bikes like this, you can sit there and just sit on it and remember your own times gone by.

Do you have any idea where your original bike that you rode in the 90’s is now, or if its even still alive?
Yeah! As a youth you do questionable things and I think bad karma bit me on the ass when it was stolen, but I deserved it!

Have you had a chance to get out for a good shred on this bike yet, how does it ride? And do you have plans to race it?
I have not shredded it! Yet! But it rides really nice and it’s going to be my ride for the “old school class” this year.

Is there anything you would change, or are you happy how it is?
Very happy with it, it took about 5 years to get all the parts together but that’s what building up legit bikes is about; patience for the right bits to come along.


Frame & Fork: S&M Holmes, from either 90 or 93, not really sure exact year, I got the frame off TradeMe about 4-5 years ago and started finding parts for it slowly after that. Stickers are repops but are my favourites and came with the bike.

Stem:S&M Redneck, blue.

Headset: Tioga bear trap.

Handlebars: S&M grand slam, the only part that’s not era correct but wanted it to ride nice and these bars feel great.

Grips: Toadstools, I had these grips for over 10 years and being on about 5 of my bikes including my motorbike at one point. Got them from Ride On Don in Vancouver.

Brake Lever: Dia-comp tec 77.

Brake: Odyssey Pit Bull, Justin Henehan gave or swapped with me at some point in the last 8 years.

Brake Pads: Skyway, I found in our brake pads draw.

Seatpost Clamp: Profile, ugly as all hell but had this on my Holmes and like that about it, also got this from Ride On Don.

Seatpost: GT Micro adjust, found this at Worralls about 10years ago for $2.

Seat: Turbo, all worn in just right in white that showed up in a parts buy up for the shop.

Cranks: GT Power Series 180mm, swapped theses with a customer that needed a new bb but was going to cost more then a new set up so we did a trade and I scored the arms for
covering the cost of the repair.

Sprocket: GT Power series 45t, I think Simon Ward might have given me this.

Pedals: GT Power series, I know Simon gave me these!

Bottom Bracket: Redline 19mm USA, my friend Guy Wright traded something for this, can’t remember what.

Chain: Izumi in raw.

Hubs: Crupi in purple, got these from the CEO of Zombie BMX when he moved to Canada and had to liquidate his stash about 5-6years ago.

Nipples: Salt, these took the longest out of any parts to get as getting the right race purple took ages.

Rims: Ayara RM-18’s, found these at Adventure Cycles with 48h written on them so they sat untouched. Found them there in the dark with a torch over 10 years ago.

Tires: GT AA Pro and Tioga comp 3, have no clue how these ended up in my stash!

Extras: S&M pad set, Bomber number plate.

Here’s a few more photos of this rad build plus some from Tim’s mid to late 90’s archive.


Original Holmes, mid to late 90’s.


In the 90’s this is the things dreams where made of.


Left: Freestyle Show, Hamilton Indoor, one foot seat grab, late 90’s. Right: Can-Can, Patch jump park, Devonport, mid to late 90’s, Grub in background.


Some killer detail in this build.


Left: Table, Patch Jump Park Devonport, late 90’s. Right: Radical Ricks, Kranking Park, late 90’s.


Left: Painted it blue wile I lived in VA. early 2000’s. Right: Radical Ricks, Kraken Park, opposite table.