Here’s something a little different.. Paul Component Engineering who produce high end machined bike parts in America have come up with a rad way of attaching your your Go-Pro to your bike.

“The Camera Mount is designed to securely attach a GoPro camera to the top of a threadless stem. Designed to replace the top cap of a 1⅛” threadless stem, it gives you a view right across the top of your handlebars and down the trail. The Camera Mount can be attached directly to the camera’s case for a solid connection, or can be fitted with an articulated GoPro Pivot Arm for more adjustability. The Camera Mount is compatible with all HERO3, HERO2, and HD HERO Original GoPro cameras.”

The only downside to running this on modern BMX forks is you would need to remove your factory top cap and run a star nut.. otherwise a very cool idea and looks solid!