Red Bull Stateside | Woodward

After a full days traveling after leaving Sin City, it was good to finally arrive amongst the greenery around State College. This is the closest town to Woodward East, our next destination. It was a similar vibe to back home and a much needed change from the hot desert of Nevada and California. We arrived at Woodward late at night, after seeing some Amish riding horse and carriage along the road. It was cool to catch a glimpse of a completely different way of life.

“I guess you could say I knew what to half expect from playing countless hours of Dave Mirra’s Pro BMX 2 on PlayStation, but nothing can prepare you for the first sight of Woodward. Speechless. Definitely spoilt for choice here, no doubt” commented Jaden upon arrival at Woodward East

Everyone was way overdue for a decent sleep so the riding would have to wait until tomorrow. A good batch of well stinky laundry went through the Woodward washers first thing in the morning and we hit the local supermarket to set ourselves up with some good old home cooking supplies. Then it was time to go discover the wonderland of Woodward. No better way to describe the riding then straight from the horses mouth, so here is what the boys had to say on the first days at the camp.

George Bolter on Woodward “Waking up today and looking out of the Barn was a trip! Everything I have ever seen of Woodward has been based around camp being in session, but right now camp is over and is completely deserted. You could seriously hear a pin drop. There are only a few workers dotted around the place and an Amish dude in the fields next door. I can’t believe we have the whole place to ourselves! First we rode outdoor street, it has a million lines and the most legit street plaza I have ridden. From the small set ups to the big setups it is just awesome spot to ride”

“Right after that we headed up to Cloud 9. First up we had a little session on the spine mini ramp, it was a way mellower ramp that I had expected though, it was really fun. There were a few workers riding by this time and a couple of pros who we had a session with on the box and the foam/resi side of the park. Two of the pros who were riding today were Steve Mc Cann and Jamie Bestwick, we had a good little ride with them before they went and blasted the vert ramp – which was truly an amazing sight!

Our session was really good and productive for a first day chill session. I was really stoked on getting back flips back and dialed in again after loosing them before summer after I put my back out. Also riding the resi spine was cool, I got an opposite 360 whip and a bunch of 360 nohanders! Cant wait to get out for another ride first thing tomorrow morning. We did ride for a few hours today but I feel like we’ve only scratched the surface of this place”

Jaden Leeming on his first days “We’re staying in Buds Barn, which has an awesome vibe to it. Morning came and went, after a good nights sleep we set out to get our bearings. On our way out we took a nice tiki tour and went the scenic route around camp to get a good look at the parks in the daylight. So much good stuff here, usually it’s trying to make the most out of what you have! Getting back we headed straight up to the outdoor street park to get in some pedaling. This place is amazing, lines on lines. It was sweet to just have a cruise at the parks and take it easy on my tweaked ankle. I saw pro rider Jeremiah Smith, great to have a yarn with an inspirational bike rider. It was about 5pm when we got to cloud 9, some BMX heroes like Jamie Bestwick and Steve Mccan were among the riders. Cant say I’d ever thought I would be sessioning Woodward with BMX legends. Headed back to the barn and Haimona whipped up a mad feed of pasta, superb! What a way to end a day of living the dream”

Louis Bolter had this to say “I knew Amish people lived out here but didn’t really know what to expect. Seeing horse driven carts rolling down State-45 was a big surprise! Got the first glimpse of it all today. After a 13 hour sleep we rode around and sussed it all out. Met and rode with a few of the residents here, one who was Jamie Bestwick. (Jamie has won the most X-Games gold medals ever) It was really cool having a chill ride getting the feel for everything after being off of the bike for a couple of days. Seriously Woodward is the size of a small town, catering for everybody and every type of riding. It was cool to recognize some of the ramp set ups that have had some legendary tricks go down on over the years”

After settling in the mission is to get down to the business of learning some new tricks. This is the perfect place to do this, multiple set ups to try tricks on, a foam pit and resi ramps to help the progression.

Tune in to Red Bull Stateside next time for the Woodward wrap up, who landed what and where, who did his first backflip and who hit the mega ramp!