Here it is.. the latest update from Red Bull Stateside.. this is update #4 from Vegas! Also make sure you check the latest Stateside video below, LA out to Vegas. More updates from Red Bull Statside coming at ya soon!

Red Bull Stateside | Vegas

In the this part of Red Bull Stateside tour, BMX riders Jaden Leeming and Louis and George Bolter arrive in Vegas to attend Interbike and Nora Cup.

Vegas is a crazy city, the complete opposite of NZ. It’s decadence at its finest, money, concrete, money, heat, money, and some very big hotels thrown in where you spend your money 24 hours of the day. The casino’s never close, there is no daylight in them, no clocks and there kept at a perfect 21 degrees so you never sweat it, even when you are losing. The sheer amount of consumption on so many levels is just staggering. It’s a world in itself that is strangely alluring with a hint of repulsiveness thrown in. Fridays and Saturdays swell to epic proportions as revelers flood in from LA and beyond.. The hotels fill and a serious amount of cash is dropped. You have to love it though, but that means embracing it on every level. Forget about budgets and saving your money, this place calls for an all out assault. Put it on red then double on black then lose it all again and again. The only winner in Vegas is Vegas, but it’s a whole lot of fun trying to prove that motto wrong.

The reason we were there was not gambling though. We were attending Interbike, the largest bike expo in the world and going to Nora Cup, the “Oscars” of the BMX world. Interbike brings all the riders and companies together over a few days to talk the talk, do some business and hook up with long lost friends and contacts. Everybody who is anybody in the BMX world was there hanging out.

“Vegas is so crazy, Nora Cup was such a highlight, big shout out to John Povah from Etnies for getting me in! It was awesome to see all the pros hanging out, I even got a photo with Matt Hoffman which was dope” said a wide eyed Jaden

The other reason Vegas was a stop is there is some very good parks there, granted it’s so hot you can’t ride in the middle of the day but mornings and night lit evening sessions are on. First ride we hit up was the YMCA Durango Park which is a big open flowy park with a good mixture of hips and transfers, with a bunch of good street stuff thrown in also. It was night session and the locals were super friendly which made for good riding vibes. Jaden got an up rail to bar to manual to switch bar line dialed straight off the bat, then nailed a mean flare and a foot jam whip in the big bowl. After a day resting his ankle Jaden was on fire and threw down a nice bar to ice to foot jam on the sub as well. Louis rode all the hips like a man possessed, he got a good one foot table and a dope lookback. Brother George made a sick double downside whip on the step up hip, this hip is a well known feature an by far the best part of the park.

Next on the list was Propark, we got to hit that with a good Kiwi contingent as we had hooked up with Fraser Booth, Mike Hewson and Jono Hopping who had come down from Canada for a few days. Propark is a place that we had heard mixed reviews about, particularly the construction and size but it turned out to be totally sick! We hit it with a late afternoon/evening session, again there was a bunch of cool locals there, no one actually came from Vegas but more like all over the world. There were Greek dudes, East Coast cats and West Coast riders and a few Europeans thrown in too. Louis got a front wheel g-turn and was busy roasting every hip in sight, as was George who was blasting the wall ride in the big bowl doing some big fast plants to one foot tables. J-Dizzall was cruising the bowls after feeling the effects of the previous session on his ankle again.

“Riding under lights is so good! That let you escape that desert heat that is just too much in the day. Riding in the evening is dope” commented George

The rest of Vegas just turns into a blur of Red Bulls, Mexican feasts, way too little sleep, and a whole lot of looking at bikes. The Nora Cup was totally sick that everybody enjoyed, a real treat of the trip. The video of the Vegas session is this site now, so be sure to heck it out here.

Next comes Woodward East, so stay tuned, update coming soon.