Here’s the latest installment from Red Bull Stateside. The second video from Stateside is going to drop soon.. so keep an eye out for that as you know its going to be a good watch!

Red Bull Stateside | Chino | Barstow | Vegas

The drive out of LA can be hectic. It is a city that suffers from severe traffic congestion, everybody has a car and you need to drive everywhere as it’s so sprawled out. We timed it pretty well on our departure and only got stuck in a small jam on the way out heading east. After missing out on the early morning session at the Venice Beach skate park the crew was ready for a good ride and the park in Chino provided exactly that. Chino is another city district of LA right out on the outskirts about an hour or so drive from the coast. It is definitely on the edge of the desert and boy is it hot, by the time we arrived it was 100 degrees in the shade which proved some hot riding conditions for some pasty winter white New Zealanders. There were only two locals there in the morning so we had the park pretty much to ourselves no scooters, no crowds, stoked. The set up at Chino is a wide open street section that flows into big open bowls with loads of hips. George got stuck straight in roasting all the hips and flying around the bowls, he got a nice 270 no hander on a hip just made for it. Jaden threw down a sick double whip over the central big hip and nailed a few chill lines through the street area. Louis did a nice 360 transfer from the spine to the quarter and was psyched to find a set up for this, he also made a step up whip on a line into the bowl to do some roasting.

“Chino is such a cool park, you could ride their for days coming up with new lines. I was stoked on getting a double whip, I had not done one of those for a while” said Jaden

Leaving Chino we headed north east towards to Barstow to a park we had seen before on the net that looked pretty cool. Turns out it was not as great as the footage made it out to be. It was a pretty simple set up with a bowl that backed onto a big wedge that made an ok jump box, but that was it really. George got a couple of tricks dialed anyway and it was worth the stop off the freeway. Barstow is a funny little desert town that marks a rough midway point to Vegas from LA, it was hot as hell and you half expected some tumbleweeds to coming rolling through. So it was back in the van and back on the freeway for the final leg through to Vegas. We made a couple of quick stops on the way to break the monotony of freeway driving in the dark, one at road XxyyZZ which is absolutely nothing but a back road leading into the desert. There was a cult classic thriller with the same name and for some reason it’s pretty infamous now. The night sky in the desert is pretty spectacular, but the lights of sin city were calling our names, we had the Nora Cup and the world premiere of Where The Trail Ends to attend! We got into Vegas just in time to catch the movie and attend the Red Bull after do which was pretty sick on the roof top bar of the Palms Hotel, 52 floors up.

“It was such a great drive out to Vegas, the vastness of the desert was epic. I did not expect to see all that. There was such a weird transition into the bright lights of Vegas. We do not really have those wide open epic expanses in NZ so it was really cool just looking out the window” Louis said.

The mission in the coming days is to hit up the YMCA and Pro Parks, tune in for the Vegas wrap up coming soon!