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Red Bull Stateside | Back to LA

The weather in San Diego is very much a ground hog day type of thing, sunny, clear and fine, no complaints there. It’s great for filming and riding and it seems the whole place has a great vibe that I am sure the weather plays a big art in. To start the day the boys packed down a nutritious meal of leftover Mountain Mike’s Pizza with some hotel room coffee, yum. Even after another meal for 5 this barely made a dent in the reserves we stacked into boxes and loaded into the van. The van now had a distinctly Italian aroma. This medley of sweet smells was added to by some damp knee pads and an overpowering nasal blast of tiger balm which Jaden was rubbing into his knees and ankle repeatedly. That’s road trips for you though, you got to love them.

We hit the freeway north bound for the infamous 605 ditch. This is a huge and desolate drainage ditch that runs next to the 605 freeway in Norwalk running under Firestone BLVD. It has been lovingly hand crafted by different riders and skaters over the years, the rail is hacksawed down at the top of the bank and a bunch of quick drying cement has smoothed out the transition entries. It’s an easily accessible spot and not a bust. LA County Public Works has long since given up on repairing the rail and more of less allows people to session the spot in peace, which is exactly what the Stateside crew did. It was damn hot down there and the ground is littered with loads of glass. Jaden punctured his tyre in the first 2 minutes, after a quick trip to the gas station up the road and a speedy tube change he ploughed into his work with some nice combos on the banks. George and Louis in their usual Bolter style found some sick lines, the video edit of this spot will be mean!

“It’s so cool to come to this spot, I’ve seen it in so many vids and always wanted to session it, I’m stoked on it” said Louis

We hit he Target store where we had parked the van for some food, sunscreen and water, then set to an impromptu NZ style picnic out the side of the van. It was good to eat some real food after our initial and mandatory burrito binges. Refueled and re-hydrated we were back on another freeway and headed west into Venice Beach. We got there with just enough time for a quick swim before all piling on our bikes and riding up to Santa Monica along the boardwalk in the dying sun. For dinner we hit up a local Japanese joint that had awesome tempura and sushi with XL beers, perfect! After dinner we made our way down along the pier past Bubba Gump’s Shrimp and found a little kiosk that made custom Californian key rings where you could get any name engraved. 2 for $8 was a steal, so 20 key rings and funny names later we were done for the day. Let’s just ay the Wazman will be pretty stoked, pretty soon. Haimona battled on to 4am with his edit then got 3 hours sleep, the guy is an editing machine.

We set alarms for 630am in the hope that an early morning rise might enable us to get a quick session in at the Venice Beach Skatepark. We were wrong with that one. The place is skateboards only and is strictly enforced by some heavy locals who made it pretty clear we wouldn’t be riding any bikes in there no matter what time of the day it was. They maintain the park and clean up every day and sweep the bowl so they deservedly call the shots. Jesse Ventura one of the Dog Town originators was there so it was cool to see him still shredding gnardawg styles. We had a quick little session on the bar and ledges next to the park in consolation though, which was cool. That meant breakfast time, Heuvos Rancheros and giant banana pancakes, breakfast is a good thing when your Stateside.

Venice is such a cool place, there is so many interesting characters floating around. quite a few crazies, but I am so stoked to get to see it all, it’s an awesome experience. I am bummed we didn’t get into the park to ride, it looked so sick” commented Jaden.

The van was repacked, and we checked out of the Cadillac Hotel. Next stops are Chino, Barstow and then onto sin city itself, the mighty Las Vegas!

Tune in for the next update from Red Bull Stateside soon.