Here’s our first update from Red Bull Stateside.. enjoy!!

Red Bull Stateside Hits California!

It’s been a whirlwind first two days for BMX riders Jaden Leeming and the Bolter twins, George and Louis. The riders have hit spot after spot throughout California in the first leg of the Red Bull Stateside project. Everything in America is big and our rental van is certainly no exception, 15 seats, 6 doors and a gas guzzling V8. If your going on a road trip you may as well do it with room to boot. First stop straight form the airport was Long Beach City Park. This is a cool little concrete park with a good rail that the boys had a nice session on, much to the delight of the local kids who were whooping encouragement. From there we made the drive down to Costa Mesa for the night, some all you can eat sushi and an early turn in. In the morning we headed around to Anthony Napolitan’s house, hooked up with his crew and hit the Volcom park. This is a cool street set up with a two bowls, one shallow and one deep with big transitions. Anthony and Brian Hunt were shredding the big bowl, George got a nice line dialed over the tombstone and Louis got a good Walltap out of the smaller bowl.

“That’s the difference between riding in NZ and here in the US, this place has some big transitions which everybody is used to riding, once you get them dialed it’s cool, but the there is nothing like this in NZ” George commented after riding the Volcom park big bowl.

From there it was a stop off at Anthony’s favorite Mexican restaurant for a big lunch of chicken burritos and tacos then a car pool convoy down to the Claremont Park in Mission Valley. Here the crew had a good session with locals Gary Young and Steve Woodward who were blowing minds with local lines that were nothing short of amazing. Jaden got busy with a Truckdriver up the step up to a Flair on the small bank. George did a Downside Whip to Smith on the sub with Louis gapping up to double peg to fakie on the sub, a line which is not often hit by any riders.

“You could ride at this place for days, there is just so many lines to choose from, I wish this was my local park back home” said Jaden after his first Claremont session.

The day ended with some pizzas of truly titanic proportions, these things were like 2 feet across and came from a place called “Mountain Mike’s Big Pizza” we mistakingly ordered three and ended up eating one and taking two away. Looks like it will be pizza for breakfast tomorrow.

From San Diego it’s going to be a drive north to hit the infamous 605 ditch then on to Venice Beach. The first clip will be out tomorrow so stay tuned for the next updates from Red Bull Stateside!