So today we had the Red Bull Ledgends jam put on in this rad little garage thing down on the waterfront, with a door at each end so we could ride the whole way through for max speed.

The light was kinda bad because we couldn’t get the lights on but everyone shredded regardless, with a bunch of rad stuff being thrown down.

There were three categories and then an overall winner, the categories basically had to involve the trick somewhere in the line. Louis Bolter won the feeble grind one with a bunch of combo’s, Jordan Tweedie won the smith grind one with a smith to up to hop truck and Seth Leeming won the icepick/manny line with a feeble to up to manny to whip off the end, I ended up winning overall. It was all judged by the riders which made it especially radical.

Fraser decided he wanted to go hard and gap to wall at the end of the jam by hauling ass at the ledge and gapping from it to the wall, it’s the only photo I got which was any good so here it is. The photo doesn’t show it too well (sorry for being mad  lazy and riding instead of shooting!) but it’s a good 2-3 meters from the end of the ledge to the wall.

Big ups to Red Bull and Cult Crew/Triplesix for hooking it up, and cheers to everyone for showing up!

– Stephen