Permasummer is a Zine 5 years in the making from North America. It’s made of 80 pages of warm colour with over 40 contributors from around the globe including New Zealand.

“Theres this thing that goes on when you’re a certain age, your thoughts run amok, you go on trips, trips take you, eternal leisure, and all things good take over and you make sure you get ‘it’. The essence of this whole Permasummer thing is just that, getting sideways, grinning and getting it – all things pure and free. 5 years down the line you look back and have to laugh, you’re still living Permasummers however free or locked down you are – when you joke about something for so long it becomes an actuality, an alternate reality of some sort where you know you need to be. The zine is a direct representation of seeking the permanent season in the skies and in our heads. Its a celebration of the people enchanted by the vessels & places that take them away from the aches of mankind. Its freestyle and its for the true.”

If your interested in picking up a copy we may have a small amount coming down here to NZ, so get in touch at to register your interest.