As most of you know Paul Langlands had a pretty bad crash back in October 2012, since then he has made a great recovery, doing all the right things and easing back into riding and shredding like he does. Just a few weeks ago Paul headed to the states to get some serious riding in and compete in a few events.. unfortunately straight of the plane on his first jump Paul crashed.. here’s the news from Paul himself:

“Unfortunately I had a crash in the states. I had done everything right, waited to recover from jet lag, stretched and warmed up and about 20 speed check run-ins on the jump. it was a pedal-in 20ft gap, I hit it fine but slightly tapped back wheel ( was less than half a ft short of clearing it) and because of the steep landing it threw me off, the way I was going down that if I had tried tuck and roll I quite likely would have tapped my head so by trying to save that I’ve fractured my jaw by the joint by ear, right scaphoid in wrist and got a nasty chin gash. the crash was random and just a stroke of bad luck, again. docs are all positive and say the breaks will heal fast and without complications which is good to hear. The timing is never good but in this case it sucks even more. 8 weeks in cast then will be back on the mission to be ready to ride hard September onward and get some good results NZ season which I am determined to achieve.”

We all know Paul Langlands is one of the nicest dudes in the game and can shred dirt like no other. I have no doubt he will make a speedy recovery and will be back to doing what he does best soon enough. Looking forward to seeing what the 2013 summer dirt season in NZ brings thats for sure!