Describe your bike for us… What are some preferences for your bike set up?
Tires I run a bigger on the front as I find it helps with traction as carving on the dirt, same reason for the pressure I run of 6-65 in front and 75 in the rear. Bars I have set as high as the fork allows, in-line with the forks and then moved forward a fraction. For my size and style of riding having the forks in this position gives good stability over the front end. Seat around mid height, I use the seat for balance and control between the knees so if the seat is slammed out it doesn’t work and if too high it becomes an interference while doing off the bike feet tricks. My brakes are rubbish, I’m not very good at setting them up but I don’t mind a slack cable and not too touchy, that way can get the precise amount of brake pressure rather than the off/on effect.

What makes it your ride?
It’s all pretty simple with no fancy colour schemes or shiny bits. Straight to the point to get it done but still feels nice.


Are there any specifics to your bike setup that are dictated to how or what you ride?
I always go for a frame with a top gusset for that bit of extra strength, other than that everything is all set for dirt with metal pedals and a big knobbly front tire for traction. Brake cable I run a straight cable, don’t do double whips or bar spins so I don;t see the need, this also means if whip it one way have to whip back the other.

Are you the kinda person that works on their bike a lot, keeping it tight and running dialled?
I didn’t used to be, but I have become very into keeping my bike dialled. Always cleaned and checking over for cracks etc. I am on my bike for hours each day so want it feeling tuned as possible because always notice when something isn’t quite running right and putting up with that continuously reduces the fun and feeling of being on that bike.


How long do you typically ride a bike before building a new one? Do you switch out parts as they go?
Generally I will try replace my crucial parts, frame, fork and bars each year just to keep them fresh and strong, those parts because of a severity of a break I would rather replace before broken. The rest I replace when they break or bend usually, the whole bike lasts about the same time though of a year before it’s too thrashed out.

What parts do you change out or go through the most often and why?
Wheels and brake cables of lately, toward the end of last season I was jumping some decent size jumps so small cases or sideways landings would effect wheels pretty badly. Because I run a straight cable this get’s twistes around and ripped up pretty often too.


What are you most particular about on your bike?
Pedal grip. Pedal pins have to be full and sharp, especially through winter. Don’t want to be slipping pedals at any time trying to get back on or would make the difference between landing it or going down.

What do you love most about your current ride?
The control feel of it when it’s in the air. Previously I had a 20.75″ frame as that’s what I’d always run but moved up to the 21″ and instantly noticed the difference in the stability over gaps.


Anything else you would like to add?
Riding for me is about having fun on BMX and going big, so my bike’s not set-up show spec or to look bright and pretty but be strong and perform. Thanks to T.Whites Bikes for some of the parts on my ride and their skill and patience of fixing my wrecked wheels bunches at a time.
Go hard, have fun, wear a helmet.

Frame: Haro SDv2 21″
Fork: Haro Lineage
Bars: S&M Grand Slam
Stem: Haro Lineage Top Load
Grips: ODI Stay Strong
Seatclamp: Intergrated
Seatpost: ABD
Seat: Shadow Conspiracy Pivotal
Pedals: Odyssey Trailmix
Cranks: Premium Products
Sprocket: 25t
Chain: KMC
Front Tire: Kenda K-Rad 20×2.35
Front Wheel: Alienation Delinquent
Rear Tire: Maxxis 20×2.15
Rear Wheel: Alienation
Brakes: Promax
Lever: Eclat

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