This is Luke Hendriks latest edit he’s been working on for a little while now, which is all killer. Super good riding in this edit with a bunch of stand out tricks like Ice to Whip. Make sure you give this edit a watch. Its always rad to see a new edit from Luke, he definitely puts in the work and gets s#*t done! Enjoy.

“Been back riding for about a year now, since getting a colony rebirth complete. thats where the name came from along with my “rebirth” back into bmx haha. Hasn’t come out quite the way I wanted because im currently on a string of injuries. while i’ve been planning on finishing filming so decided to make it with what I got. expect some better line manual combo stuff to come out soon! huge thanks to everyone who helped film and supplied parts whenever I break stuff, you know who you are! row for second song choice haha”