Here’s Upper Hutt shredder Luke Hendrik’s Bike Check. Click through to check it out.

Frame: Colony Teddy v2
Fork: Demolition Concorde v3
Bars: Demolition Surburban
Stem: Tree Collet TL
Headset: Colony
Grips: ODI Longneck
Bar Ends: ODI Nylon
Seat: Eclat Complex Seat/Post Combo
Cranks: Colony Colonial v2
BB: Colony
Sprocket: Colony Guettler
Pedals: Premium Slim PC Sealed
Chain: Shadow Conspiracy V2 Halflink.
Wheelset: Front: Eclat Teck Complete (female)
Back: Colony Clone Cassette (female) Laced to Cinema 777 Rim
Hub Guards: Eclat Teck Gaurds, Colony Clone non-driveside, Primo Driveside Plastic
Pegs: Primo Binary PL
Tyres: Front: KHE Folding Park 2.15
Back: KHE Folding Park 1.9
Weight: not sure, everyone says its real lite haha

Which parts do you go through the most and least? Tires, too many sliders and tire slides. cranks and stem only things I haven’t broken so far!
Describe your bike setup and how you like your bike to feel? Made for grinds and nose manuals. I like it lite and nothing rattling but its usually only lite though.
What part are you most particular about or do you feel makes the biggest difference on your bike? The amount of pegs on my bike!
What was your first “real” BMX? DK general lee.
Anything else: I have the extra bits of grip for when my bars hit the ground and the polished ring on my sprocket is from when I take.
out the sprocket bolt to free coast.
Any thanks? All my friends who come and ride and help film!