Name, age, years riding and where you’re from?
Liam Marshall, age 21, riding 10 years, from West Auckland.

How long have you been riding for Colony?
I got on Colony start of 2012 so 4 years now.


What to you is special about Colony, what separates it from other BMX companies?
I like that it has such a chill and family vibe. Everyone welcomes you when you meet up and hang out and ride.

Do you believe in brand loyalty in BMX, and being loyal to your sponsors?
Yeah I do, I find that if someone that runs a brand is helping back you, you need to back all their product to show you want to be apart of their team and that your stoked to be riding that product.


You have made a few trips across the ditch over the years recently, what motivates you to get over there and ride?
I find I start to loose some motivation to keep riding the same parks over here so that motivates me to get out and start to explore Aus & just see what else there is to ride. plus having a few good mates based over there makes for some good times catching up.

Do you have a favorite place to ride in Aus, street/park or dirt?
One of the best spots I have ridden in Aus has to be Clint millers back yard ramp, thing is perfect size and is always a good time with a bunch of different riders hanging out. Other than that I mostly try to hit spots I didn’t ride the time before just to get a feel for everything they have.


How would you compare to New Zealand scene to the Australia scene?
I feel the NZ scene is a bit of a tighter group and over there is rather spread, you don’t seem to get the whole mix between park and street riders. It feels in some places you are either one or the other.

Any plans to travel further than Aus, if so which countries would those be?
Yeah definitely want to try get further a field in the next couple of years. Want to try get out to Canada, America, Europe. Pretty much anywhere .

What gets your stoked the most on riding?
I really get stoked off everyone else who I’m riding with having a good time, I find that for me gets a good session going and motivates me to send it.

Who are you Top Five NZ riders and why?
– Jaden leeming: effortless riding style always down to ride and doesn’t care what is in front of him he will ride it.
– Joe Simpson: such a rad dude and has such a sweet style along with some bangers.
– George bolter: endless lines at whatever park and so much flow.
– Paul langlands: sends some of the sweetest tricks out and is now pushing the limits out in the hills.
– Joel McDowell: always out trying to send new tricks and always try’s to get the results and always a funny dude to hang with while out riding.


What do you do from day to day when your not riding?
Work mon-fri as a builder.

Who do you look up to the most or take inspiration from, inside or outside of BMX?
In BMX, Mike Aitken was always one I looked up to always loved his style. I look up to anyone who is having fun and loving what they do, doesn’t matter if it’s on a bike or not. If everyone around you is stoking it’s always easy to get your Stoke up.


– Thanks Liam!