We have another good set of Top Fives here at Zombie.. this time with Otaki Shredder Kane O’Hagan. Click through and check them out..

Name: Kane O’hagan
Age: 21
Lives: Otaki, New Zealand
Occupation: Data Electrical
Sponsors: Wide Open, Volume Bikes, Demolition Parts.

Five riders who have influenced you?
Paul Gerlich
Jeff Burns
Daniel Carson
Jahn Pameler
Row Plava

Five favorite New Zealand riders?
Joe Simpson
Daniel puha
Jed Mildon
Hugh Wotherspoon
Paul Langlands

Five motivating people to ride with?
Jackie Lew
Row Plava
Luke Hendricks
Lil Nate
Phillip Layten

Five best things about riding BMX bikes?
Learning new tricks
Traveling to different places
Meeting new people
Pushing yourself
Staying fit

Five things that get you psyched on a daily basis?
My iPod
Finishing Work
Web Videos
My Friends

What do you think are the five craziest tricks that have been done on a bike?
Cash Roll
The Cron Dog
Tripple Flip
Triple Tailwhip Flip
Tripple No Footer

What are five things you do on a daily basis?
Usually go to work
Get in a ride at Otaki
Hang out with my girl
Have a few billy mavs
Check out vital bmx

Five most memorable BMX memories?
Rowan jumping the spine
Doing my first flip
Jed trying to 3 double whip the taupo spine
Trip to auckland with Paul and Luke
California with Mark

Five best BMX events/jams you have been to?
The first Jedi Jam
Roller Coaster
EDH Jams
Red Bull Roast It
Earlier Farm Jams

Five places to ride BMX?
My back yard jump
Otaki skate park
Waikanae skate park
Pukarua bay skate park
Railway station (Otaki indoor) haha!

Five places you want to ride?
Gorge Road again and again
Wrong Skatepark in Hamilton
Dwayne’s World in Wellington
Luke Parslows back yard
Blue Bench trails

Five reasons why you ride BMX?
Its fun
Its something to do
Its good exercise
It connects you with anyone else that rides
It keeps me stoked on life

What are your five favorite tricks to do?
One Foot Tables
Foot Jams
Moto Whips

Five things to get done in 2013?
Get my ute going again
Buy a house
Ride more
Work less hours
Go on another trip to Brisbane

What are your five favourite things outside of BMX?
Drift Vehicles
Getting Tattoos
Drinking Billy Maverick

Five best BMXers to party with?
Row plava
Palmy Party Phil
Waikanae Party Phil
Tyler Knox
Jake Prebble

Five things you like about living in Otaki?
Amazing Skate Park.. haha!
My house
Lots of land
Less scooter fags
Cheap Billy Mavericks

Five things you hate about living in Otaki?
All my friends are moving away
Its 60km away from Wellington
Theres no bike shop
Riding by myself
Traveling to work

Anyone last words, thanks or shout outs?
thanks heaps to Dogboy at Wide Open for everything, Volume Bikes and Demolition Parts and everyone else I ride with, cheers Zombie Mike!

– Big thanks to Caleb at Spoke Magazine for the photos!