This is Jamie Nelson’s WTP Patron bike check.. click through to check it out and a rad little edit also.

Frame: WTP Patron 20.75
Fork: WTP Patron 25mm
Bars: WTP Patron 8.75
Stem: United Valentino
Grips: Premium Counterfeit
Bar Ends: Premium
Headset: Eclat
Seat Post: Eclat Torch
Seat: WTP
Cranks: United Nash
Bottom Bracket: Cult
Sprocket: United Metro Spline Drive
Chain: TSC Interlock
Front Tire: TSC Strada 2.3
Front Wheel: Odyssey Vandero 2, Gsport Ribcage
Rear Tire: TSC Strada 2.3
Rear Wheel: Odyssey Antigram LHD, Gsport Ribcage
Pedals: TSC Ravager
Hub Guard: United Back, Vandero Front x2
Pegs: TSC Lil Ones w/ Slicker Sleeves
Brakes: Etnies