Here’s one of the New Zealand’s most underrated dialed riders and all round shredder, Jakie Liu and his Top Fives. Big thanks to Kieran Liddicoat for helping getting this set of Top Fives done and for the killer photos! More Top Fives coming soon!

Top Five Reasons Why Being Asian Is Rad:

Parents own a chinese restaurant
Asian tranny porn
Get to travel over to China
Have heaps of cuzzys (cos every Asian looks like they’re related)
Got the secret recipe for sweet and sour pork

Top five Matt Weir quotes:

Told you, you dipshit
Mig it up
Your mum on my lap
Look at that, that’s what I’m talking about

Top Five Baseball Hats
Boston Red Sox
Atlanta Braves
Pittsburgh Pirates
Oakland Athletics
Cincinnati Reds

Top Five Rivals:
Kieran; I’ll help Jackie out here, Rivals include Jaden Leeming and Joel McDowel, both have beat him at Jed Jam.

Top Five Underrated Riders In NZ:
James Taylor
Casey Longstaff
Party Phil
Joe Simpson
and whoever shreds

Top Five Fav Riders:
Dennis Enarson
Garrett Reynolds
Mike Aitken
Bruno Hoffman
and much more

Top Five Stories For The Boys:
Getting the boys to shout strippers for my 18th
Phil getting kicked out of the pub after spewing on a chick, trys to walk home but falls asleep on the side of the road then trys to get into the wrong house
Fight Night, where Phil gets into a fight, Kieran jumps in and trys to fight the whole party.
Finding 50bux on the ground after trying to get into rain(the asian club) for the 5th time.
Lewis spewing in my car, into his hand then rollin down the window to throw it out.

Top Five Spots Ridden:
Maidstone Max

Top Five Spots To Ride:
New vic park
Good street spots
New Plymouth bowl
Barry curtis

Top Five Things To Get Done This Year:
Finish school off
Ride as much as I can
Travel around to ride new spots
Win lotto

Top Five BMX videos:
Anthem 2
Lower North
Demolition Last Chance
Colony dvd

Top Five Country’s You Would Like To Visit: