After signing a deal with Backflips Clothing, producing a signature stem with EDH Bikes and being asked to perform in JC Action Sports demos, you could say Jayden Fuller is having a ripper start to the year.

Johnny Bonnar caught up with the ex-Christchurch rider, now living across the ditch, about how he sets his bike up to deal with the harassment he gives it on the daily.

Name: Jayden Fuller
Age: 18
Resides: Beenleigh, Australia
Sponsors: EDH Bikes, Backflips Clothing


Grips: ODI Longneck
Bars: Fit Sky High 27.5 wide, 8.25 rise
Stem: EDH Bikes Leash
Headset: Fiend
Frame: Haro SD V2 20.8tt
Forks: Odyssey R.32
Cranks: Profile, I run 170mm. They are a bit shorter but it keeps your legs closer together which helps with bars and even catching whips.
Sprocket: Profile 28t
Chain: Shadow Conspiracy half-link
Pedals: Colony plastics, lets be honest, who wants metal hitting their shins. I actually prefer having less grip because it is easier to adjust your footing for certain tricks.
Bottom Bracket: Colony
Seat: Limited edition, Backbone BMX, slim
Seat post: Cult
Hubs: Profile minis, left-hand drive because I run pegs on the right.
Rims: Odyssey Hazard Light
Pegs: Federal, I run steel pegs because I don’t do a lot of grinds, I use them more for stalls and I find steel sticks better for lip tricks.
Tires: Demolition Momentum 20×2.35
Brakes: Nah just a pair of Nikes Haha


What is the most unique feature on your bike?
I’d say my signature stem from EDH Bikes, it’s so rad being able to create a part exactly how you would like it, so thanks to Trav for hooking that up.

What parts do you go through/change the most often and why?
Tubes and tires. I wear through a set of tires in 3-months easy, plus the endless amount of punctures.


I noticed you have a silver fern placed on the bottom tube, how important is that to you?
Yeah, I rep the fern because I’m proud off where I’m from, so I thought it would be cool to put one on the bike and rep it while I ride!

You ride a bit of everything- how do you set your bike up to deal with street, dirt and park riding?
I have a pretty standard set up. It is a bit on the short side, set up for more of a park and street style, but I run bigger tires so I can hit the dirt.


Are there some trends in Australia that you have picked up on since moving here?
Yeah a few I have picked up. I run a shorter frame because it is easier to throw around and more responsive. I also put a piece of cut-up tire on my bottom bracket so the cranks don’t spin. A lot of people hate it, but it makes catching whips a lot easier and creates more of a stable platform for rough landings.

Lastly, do you work on your own bike or put her in the shop?
I work on my own bike. I feel that I know exactly how I want it to be set up so it is just easier to do it myself.