Now that the new Zombie for 2012 is up and running I am hoping to get a lot more features on the site like Top Fives, Mini Interviews, Bike Checks, Spot Checks and Gallery’s etc. To kick start it here’s our first feature gallery, a collection of photos from George Bolter’s trip through North America. This is Part One which covers¬† Vancouver to Montreal,¬† June/ July 2011. Keep an eye out for Part Two which will be the West Coast Trip – Vancouver to LA. All the photo’s are shot on George’s various film cameras. Hope you enjoy and check back soon for part two.

Turn right to Vancouver!
All my red scale photos were scanned backward for some reason, kinda annoying but it makes them look a little more interesting.

Bus ride to downtown Vancouver, spot the bike on the front.

Kirkstone canadian concrete, air on the 9ft photo courtesy on Mike Zombie.

Zeppelin the chill dog, hanging out at the skatepark and always keeping the peace.

This is a police impound lot across the road from the infamous Skate plaza, all these wrecks are from the Hockey Riots the month before.

Beach life: Palm Bay’s, bike pile and mountains meeting the ocean, all in an afternoon right after a Vanier session. Palm Bay; Definition: Sophisticated Vodka Beverage 5% alcohol content. (Pretty much tastes like golden circle but better!) Fraser is stoked!

Kiwi chilly bin on a hot summers afternoon, say no more.

Horse Shoe bay fish and chip break with Paul Beadle before a skatepark shred.

Mike Zombie and Lazerdick, Penticton Mexican restaurant.

Okanagan lake, Penticton British Columbia. This beach is Literally a 20 second coast from one of the best skateparks in BC.

Beach life: Jono, Carl and Riley. watermelon and Palm bays in hand.

Me, Cannonball on the spine step up. Vanier park.

Vancouver skyline (backwards).

Ghetto Mansion sixpack train – Ride On jam at Vanier Park.

Paul Langlands in the house! On the otherside of the world for less that a day and shreding hard like usual! Vanier Park bigline.

Niagara Falls, this is the USA side.

Niagara Falls: USA on the right, Canada on the left. The falls boarder the two. And yes that’s a sky tower on top of a casino.

CN Tower – Toronto Ontario. To put in to perspective, its 1.5 times the height on the Auckland Skytower.

Toronto skyline, over exposed but I like the depth the bridge gives.

Montreal skyline – Montreal, Qubec. The French province of Canada.

Church of Nostradamus. Pretty Rad looking and very Famous.