Its been a while since we have done a decent feature on the site, so I thought I would do some Top Five’s with local West Auckland Shredder Fraser Booth.  Hit read more!


Top Five NZ Riders: Caleb, Paul L, Kane and the Twineys.

Top Five International Riders: Mike Aitken, Chase Hawk, Harry Main, Sergio layos and Dave Mira (saw him at X-air and wow!)

Top Five Tricks: 360’s, lookbacks, Tabletops, foot jams and a tail whip please.

Top Five NZ Skateparks: Ones that i have been too.. Te pai!! reppin it, Toupo, Vic rip, Pmp in the glory days and i had a sweet ride at fair feilds in hamilton the other day.

Top Five Girls: Just the one.

Top Five Bike Companys: Fly bikes, Fit bike co, We The people, Primo and s&m.

Top Five Feeds: Thai restaraunt in tat north! Burger fuel, Steak and chesse pie, eggs benidict from girl friends cafe with my special coffee and a good old BBQ.

Top Five Beers: Tui!, Lion red, kroninberg, heiniken and any thing else that is flowing cold and fast.

Top Five Things to get done this year: Save some money to be able to get some good traveling done, stop being a pussy, Get my apprentiship paper work sussed out i dont no really what else ?

Top Five Places To Visit In NZ: Queenstown, Reefton, Taranaki, Ragland explore south island a bit.