Craig Stevens over at Etines New Zealand recently hooked me up with a pair of Etnies Jameson MT Chase Hawk’s to try out and review. I’ve now been riding the Jameson MT for about 3 months now, and I tell ya what its been killer! The shoe is so comfortable I’ve been wearing them daily, to work, on the BMX, a few laps on the MTB and I’ve even put a few K’s on the shoe traveling to and from Sydney for work. Here’s the review:


Etnies Jameson MT Chase Hawk — Review

First Impressions

Straight away the first thing I noticed was how lightweight the shoe is, the second thing I noticed was the quality, the Jameson MT is a fairly straight forward design, but as you look closer there’s some really nice attention detail, for example the mesh foam tongue & upper edging, this all adds up to a very well made shoe.

Once on my feet my first impressions of being a lightweight and quality build was backed up by a very comfortable fit, in fact one of the most comfortable fitting riding shoes I’ve had on my feet in a long time. Having relatively bad ankles from numerous surgeries the Jameson MT gave me the relief and support I needed. To be honest I wasn’t expecting a shoe so slim and lightweight to offer such great comfort and support. I was feeling very stoked on the shoe and couldn’t wait to get on the pedals.


Riding in the Jameson MT has been a really nice experience. The problem I have found in the past with riding shoes is that more bulky solid shoes are far too stiff and you can’t feel the pedal beneath your foot, and slimmer shoes feel like you’re almost riding barefoot. The Jameson MT however seems to be in middle, the sole has a lot of support, along with just enough flex to get a good feel on the pedal. And as I prefer a slim shoe (purely for aesthetic reasons) this is a big win for me. Despite the little bit of flex in the sole, the Jameson MT seemed to have plenty of impact protection. Overall one of the best shoes I’ve ridden in, if not the best! As a bonus they also seemed to breath very well keeping my feet cool and comfortable.

After riding for 3 months

After riding the Jameson MT for 3 months I don’t have much to report other than I still love the shoes, the feel is great, super comfortable and still holding up to regular abuse. I’m riding in the shoes 3-4 times a week and wearing them daily, so far very little signs of wear and tear other than your odd scuff mark.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt one of the best shoes I’ve ridden in. Within the first week of owning them I considered buying a few more pairs, in case the world was to run short of them. And with that said, I do highly recommend this shoe.

As a bonus to the Jameson MT review I thought it would be rad to catch up with the current Etnies NZ team to see what the dig about Etnies:

— PMP Trails, Auckland, photo by Louis Bolter

George Bolter

What Etnies model are you currently riding?

I’m currently riding the Jameson MT Chase Hawk shoe. They feel like the best shoe to ride in with a stiff (but not too stiff) sole and some good ankle protection to stop crank arm bite too. They also have a grippy sole and they look badass.

What gets you stoked on Etnies shoes?

What I like most about Etnies Shoes is they are solid and comfortable. They always have the best pedal grip and don’t wear out too fast. That being said I really like that the have solid roots in BMX and have supported BMX for ever. If I wasn’t getting them for free I would be buying them anyway.

What gets you stoked on riding for Etnies New Zealand?

Riding for Etnies NZ is great, its great to represent a brand that Im really stoked on! Plus they have sent us on some rad trips, and look after the team really well, I couldn’t ask for much more! Thanks Craig and Marcus!

— Phoenix, Arizona, photo by Eric Bahlman

Jono Hopping

What Etnies model are you currently riding?
I am currently riding the Rap CT Nathan Williams Colorway.

What gets you stoked on Etnies shoes?
The biggest thing i love about Etnies is their legacy in BMX and the fact i get to ride on the same team as so many amazing dudes.

What gets you stoked on riding for Etnies New Zealand?
I get stoked on riding for Etnies NZ because we have our own dope little family that are always talking and sharing ideas. Stoked!

— North Shore, Auckland, photo by James Marson

Matt Allpress

What Etnies model are you currently riding?
Jameson Eco 2! ain’t no blood in these fibres

What gets you stoked on Etnies shoes?
The buy a shoe plant a tree project is by far the best idea in a long time, we take so much from this place so it’s great to see a company help out and give back to our roots.

What gets you stoked on riding for Etnies New Zealand?
To be apart of a company doing great things in and out of BMX all over the world is tight!
Also being homies with all the dudes on the team is the best, cannot wait for the adventures ahead!

— Spa Park, Taupo, photo by Joshua Hawes

Joe Simpson

What Etnies model are you currently riding?
Currently, I’m riding in a pair of Maranas. Lightweight, tough as hell, and the cup sole does wonders for saving your feet. Would recommend highly for all riders.

What gets you stoked on Etnies shoes?
I remember flicking through an old BMX Plus! (which I used to get from the local library), and being really stoked on the Rooftop shoe, which I think at the time, was one of the first BMX specific shoes available.

I tried virtually every other brand of footwear for riding, before getting a pair of Sergio Layos’ signature shoe, probably 6 years ago? Until that point I had never had a shoe that felt as good on the pedal, and lasted as long as they did. Since then, I’ve pretty much only ridden in Etnies, mainly in Jamesons, a couple pairs of RVMs, and I really liked the Dugan Rap CTs too.
More recently, I’ve learnt more about the company, and how the founder, Pierre, is still owning and running the show, which makes them (SoleTech) the last privately owned shoe company in action sports.

It’s not just rad footwear and clothing, there’s environmental decisions the company makes too, like the Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree project. Along with that, a large percentage of the shoe line is vegan, by using water based adhesives and synthetic uppers, for the same long lasting shoes, with a more conscious effort towards animals and the environment.

What gets you stoked on riding for Etnies New Zealand?
Getting support from Etnies in NZ is still surreal, 18 months on. To even be considered of becoming a small part in an already incredible legacy is amazing. It’s an honour to represent a brand that I would be supporting whether riding for them or not, who make amazing products, and have ethics that are in line with my own. Their team has always had the most influential and badass riders, and the NZ team is nothing but radical people. Thanks Craig for the opportunity, and all the dudes on the team for being awesome, I couldn’t be more stoked!


Etnies Jameson MT Chase Hawk

The Jameson MT is a slim cupsole shoe that is part of the Jameson family. As a mid top, it provides great ankle support with wide tongue straps for a superior fit. The Jameson MT features an STI Evolution Foam insole with a Duo-Grip outsole designed for pedal and griptape traction. With medial vent holes and a breathable mesh tongue and collar, your feet will stay cool and ventilated. The Jameson MT is a stylish shoe that serves as the perfect performance cupsole.


  • Foam Lite 1 insole
  • Duo-grip outsole designed for pedal and griptape traction
  • Midtop silhouette for ankle support
  • Wide tongue straps for a superior fit
  • Medial vent holes
  • Breathable mesh tongue and collar

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