Early this week some guy called Adam LZ tweeted this:

“I’m 100% confident in saying that I’ve exposed the sport to WAY more people than DIG over the past 3 years”

Usually I’m not one to care what so ever about whats going on in BMX media, I like what I like, ride what I want to ride, and support those who do good things. But when I saw this comment by Adam LZ, I know I shouldn’t have, but I took it somewhat to heart, I guess its because I grew up in the era of BMX where DIG was a very important part of BMX and one of the best things going on in BMX.

I’m assuming Adam LZ does some good stuff for the BMX scene, I don’t really know, I don’t follow him and I’m not super interested in that side of BMX. The statement he made above on Twitter might very well be true, it maybe that he has exposed BMX more than DIG over the last 3 years, I don’t doubt that at all,  but what I don’t get about Adam LZ is that fact that he had to call out DIG, why? DIG has done nothing but good for the scene since 1993, and lately they have been producing some of the best online BMX content to date.

And when I say the ‘best online BMX content’ I’m not talking about the hottest web edit of the week, I’m talking proper original in-depth articles & interviews.. and that’s where I think DIG wins over any other BMX media at this time.

Adam LZ also goes on to tweet this:

“Dig is for people that already ride. We reach people that don’t know anything about bmx – Don’t take it out of context”

Again, he’s probably right there, but again, why the hell call out DIG? I get that DIG’s content might be more suited to the older generation of BMXers, but when you have been around for over 20 years the guys at DIG are going to want to produce content they are personally interested in, not to mention they are making a genuine effort in making their content of a high quality, not some shitty youtube clip about your new 240SX.

So in my personal opinion, and I’m sure most of the readers here will agree, the fact that Adam LZ has to call out DIG and compare himself to them makes him a self centred kook!

Anyway, thats enough of a rant, I didn’t even know who Adam LZ was 3 months ago. My respect goes to DIG for keeping it real in the world of Bicycle Motorcross!