It’s that time again, time for a new set of Top Fives here at Zombie.. this time with Dudsville shredder Ant Scarer, check it out..

When the name Tony is bought up around BMX your mind instantly skips to Tony Neyer or Tony Hamlin, but those who have explored the dirty-dirty south know there is a creature cruising the streets of Dunedin that is so gnarly and so mysterious that he has to be seen to be believed. This is Ant Scarer and these are his top fives.

Name: Ant Scarer
Age: 29
Lives: Dudsville
Occupation: Tattooist at Agency Ink in Dunedin and Bone Deth arty shits
Sponsors: Bone Deth hook me up, goodcunts

Top five riders who have influenced you?
(Tony couldn’t decide on five so we had to run six for this question)
Jimmy Levan
Sean Burns
Matt Hoffman
Dave Voelker
Taj Mahelich
Dave Young

Five things that get you psyched on a daily basis?
Good music
Playing guitar
Seeing new art
Hanging with mates
Spending time with Jullianna

What are your top five bands right now?
Dark Throne
The Cramps
White Zombie

What are the top five record labels you would recommend to someone?
Crypt Records
Estrus Records
Combat Records
Peaceville Records
Gearhead Records

What are five things that make you who you are?
Sprocket Stalls
Extreme loss of traction

What are five things you do on a daily basis?
I have a cup of Dilmah every morning
Put Anti-flam on my back
Stab people up with good art
Bomb hills
Bash rubbish bins with my back wheel

What are your five favourite drinks?
Dr Pepper
Lime milkshakes
Nippy’s chocolate milk
Strong coffee

What are your five favourite foods?
Meatlovers pizza
Nacho grande platters
Spicy noodles
Julianna’s deluxe sandwiches

Tell me five reasons why you ride BMX?
The fun of it
It is something to get up for everyday
Big air
Just BMX, it’s the sickest thing ever

Who are your five favourite artists?
Ed Big Daddy Roth- he is the reason I draw
Allan Forbes
Martin Fuckin Edmond RIP

Where are your five favourite places to ride?
Mornington Bowl
Fairfield Ramps
The dirtiest parts of Dunedin Streets
Dinosaur Park
Wanaka Skatepark

Five places you want to ride?
England Scotland

What are your five favourite tricks to do?
Sprocket Stall
360 lookback

What are your five favourite BMX DVDs?
Anthem II
Please Kill Me
Albert Street
Surfing For The Ugly Broads

What are your five favourite sections of all time?
The Chasm- Unlock Your BMX
All of Surfing For The Ugly Broads
Steve Hamilton’s section in Can I eat
Every part of every Banned video

I know you have more DVDs in your collection that aren’t BMX, what are your five favourite non-BMX movies?

Evil Dead
Burial Grounds-Nights Of terror
Night Of The Living Dead- the original
White Zombie

What are your five favourite things outside of BMX?
Hang with Julianna
Cruise around in the creep crawl (1962 Vauxhall Velox)
Play guitar
Draw and draw and draw again
Smash cars into walls at extreme speeds on video games

– Big thanks to Johnny Bonnar for contributing this set of Top Fives!