Aidan Limmer is an engineer from a small town about 40km out of Nelson. Having lived in Motueka for his whole life he doesn’t complain about the scene or skateparks in the area. He just rides his bike. Put a set of jumps in front of this guy and you will be stuck watching his effortless style for hours. – Johnny Bonnar

These are his top fives…

Name: Aidan Limmer
Age: 21
Occupation: Engineer

Five reasons you ride BMX?
It is fun
I can be creative
I get to meet new people
Hang out with mates
Riding different spots

What are your favorite activities when you are not riding?
Hanging with mates
Working on my Silvia S14
Drinking brews
Chilling with the missus
Playing PS3

What do you think are the five craziest tricks that have been done on a bike?
Jed’s Triple flip
Hucker’s cliff hanger flip
Jai Toohey’s triple whip flip
Andy Buckworth’s Double fronty superman
Jake Prebble landing the slippery gypsy (front flip indian air) on Jeds triple flip step up straight after he landed his first ever front flip.

What are your five favorite tricks to do?
Tuck no hander
No foot can

What are your favorite drinks?
Blue V
Double Brown
Vanilla Guiliano

Who are your gets you psyched on riding?
Lee Nuttall- he is so burly and has endless crazy lines. He will try anything.
Daniel Puha- might as well sit down with a beer, he has some crazy stories.
Gypsy- his riding speaks for its self.
Casey- keen to ride anything.
Anyone who helps dig the jumps

Favorite places you have ridden?
The Frew Farm jumps
Bowenvale Jumps
Mot Jumps
Spring Creek when they are running good.
Mot Skatepark

Five places you want to ride?
George Road
Any set of good flowing trails

Five frequent websites you visit?
Vital Bmx

Five of your favourite riders?
Kyle Baldock
Chase Hawk
Mat Hoffman
Drew Bezanson

Five of your favourite PS3 games?
Mx vs Atv Alive
Dirt 3
Racedriver Grid
Grandtheft Auto 4
Ufc Undisputed 3

Thanks Johnny Bonnar and Aidan Limmer for the rad top fives!