On the Friday just been Alan Cameron.. or as most people in the riding scene know him as ‘Piggy’.. that rider with the super clicked lookbacks unfortunately got his custom Solid stolen from the Auckland University on Symonds Street, which is terrible news as Alan is a shredder and his bike is dialed.┬áPlease keep an eye out for his bike, lets see if we can get it back!! Click through to view more photos of Alans bike and full spec.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Alan’s bike hit me up on email.. zombie.bmx@gmail.com. Any help is much appreciated!

Frame: Custom Solid Raw – Piggy serial tag on the seatstay bridge.
Bar: S&M Custom rusty.
Stem: S&M Challenger – black.
Fork: FBM cb4k re-make – raw.
Hubs: Profile Minis – black.
Cranks: Profile – raw.
Rims: Sun – black front, chrome back.
Pedals: Animal Sealed – black.
Sprocket: FBM Race – green / black.
Tyres: Dirt Monster – Front.