Zombie Archive: 2006

fuck this shit

There might not be any updates on the webpage for the next little while because I’m going to sort out this mess of a webpage… but here’s a quote from the zombie forums.

2020 no longer

Unfortunately 2020 magazine will no longer be available in NZ, which fuckin sucks because it was getting more and more N.Z content. But i am getting a few copy’s of the most recent issue sent to me, so let me know if you want one.. its a good issue and there’s a one page article on the “hell is for zombies jam”,

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zombie sweatshirts

Well I finally got some shit made, zombie sweatshirts zombie sweatshirts, I’m selling them for $65 which is cheap for a very good quality sweatshirt, I only have limited colors and sizes so if you want one email me at zombie.bmx@gmail.com with the size you want and ill let you know what styles i have in that size.

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Somebody from island bay tagged this up on the skate park, killa.

Here’s a nice photo of Hamish from Wellington, reckless x-up.

skateparks skateparks

I don’t know if much of you know where lynfield skatepark is in Auckland but it is one of the older parks in New Zealand, its been in a whole bunch of international magazines, was one of the first parks in the world to have a full pipe and has even been a in a bleeders video,

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next generation of fools, 2020 and manukau

The new 2020 magazine is due out very soon and there is going to be two cover designs for this issue, one of them you will have to go to a bike shop to purchase or be a subscriber, and the other will be available from news agents.
The latest 2020 will feature a big spread on the RIP street battle and the Mozzie interview plus heaps more and maybe even some New Zealand shit.

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